Bulk Rack / FastRak

Bulk Rack shelving is designed for storage areas in which products are hand stacked instead of being loaded with a powered lift truck. The convenient beam design can hold wire decking or traditional particle board. Our Fastrak, aka: Mini Pallet Rack is designed to bridge the gap between lower capacity Boltless Rivet Shelving and Heavy Duty Pallet Racking!


Solid enough to secure your heaviest of hand loaded items, Bulk Rack offers a reliable solution for controlling your inventory. These incredible warehouse shelving systems do not require a shelf or beam at the bottom of the unit for stability, so your existing floor space can be fully utilized. Bulk Rack is an ideal way to increase storage or warehouse space, because like pallet rack, you can connect multiple units using shared uprights, or you can set up a single free-standing unit. Bulk Rack is small in size and available in many different widths, lengths and heights that can accommodate your workspace while providing ease of use access from either side. Typically, we sell our Bulk Rack units with wire mesh decking or industrial grade 5/8" particle board for the deck surface. Additional components allow you to create shelving systems that tailor to the exact needs of your business. Shelf capacities range from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds!

Our Fastrak Shelving is designed for hand loading & stacking only! Not to be used with forklifts or any other powered lift!