• Standard Duty Pallet Rack Upright

Standard Duty Pallet Rack Upright Frames feature a 3" x 3" column, 5" x 8" seismic footplates and a capacity of 16,100 lbs, per frame. Color: Powder Coated Green.

Each free standing pallet rack unit requires two uprights. Uprights may be used as a single end component or in-between two bays (one starter unit and one add-on unit). Upright face is punched every 2”. Capacities listed are based on non-seismic installation and may be reduced depending on load beam configuration. 
Our Selective Pallet Rack Frames are compatible with Interlake “Old” Style and most Interlake “New” Style Teardrop designs. 
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Common Upright Styles:

Uprights: To determine upright depth,
allow 3" to 4" pallet overhang both in the front and rear. For example, a 48" deep pallet would require a 42" deep upright. To determine the proper height, allow 4" to 8" clearance between pallet load and beam. Use the following formula to determine Upright Height: Upright Height = pallet heights (including floor pallet) + clearance heights + height of load beam. Loads on top level are not included when determining upright height.
Load Beams: Allow a minimum of 3" clearance between pallet(s) and uprights. For example, two 48" wide pallets would require 108" long load beams.*Capacities based on two pallets per level. Addition of a third pallet reduces capacity by 50%.

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Standard Duty Pallet Rack Upright

  • Product Code: Standard Duty Pallet Rack Upright
  • $65.00

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